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Feng Shui Tips On Kitchen

November 15, 2007

Feng shui experts advocate the following guides on kitchen:

  • The kitchen should be well-lit and have a feeling of spaciousness. It is important to note that in Feng shui, the kitchen symbolize the family’s wealth, hence the reason for it to be well-lit to encourage chi to enter. If the kitchen is dark and gloomy, then we will not want to spend any time there;
  • The cook should be able to see anyone who enters the room without turning his or her head more than forty-five degrees. If this is not possible, a remedy is to place mirrors to allow the cook to see the doorway;
  • Next, the stove must be kept clean and in good condition as it relates directly to the wealth of the family;
  • Keep the kitchen well stocked with food to give the impression of abundance;
  • Try to conceal all pipes and drains as they symbolize wealth draining away;
  • The kitchen should have an airy, spacious and welcoming feel;
  • If the house is two more storey high, we do not want a toilet directly above the kitchen as the toilet creates negative chi which will adversely affect the luck and wealth of the family;
  • The kitchen should be close and on the same evel as the dining room as beneficial chi is produced in the kitchen. It is believd that if the dining room is situated at a higher level than the kitchen your guests will take the beneficial chi away with them when they leave.
  • The stove should preferably not be placed next to the sink or refrigerator and
  • The color white is a good color to paint the kitchen as it relates to the metal element which helps to harmonize the various metallic appliances like the stove, refrigerator, dishwasher,etc in the kitchen and
  • The kitchen  should not be visible from the front door as it is believe that the owner will then to think too mach about food. A screen can effectively conceal the kitchen or a wind chime/hanging crystal is an effective remedy.

Yin And Yang Concept

November 15, 2007

Chi is made up of both yin and yang. Yin and yang are two opposites in the universe. Night versus day; short versus tall; front versus back and male versus female are classic examples of yin and yang. While they are opposite, surprising, none of these can exist without the other. It’s obvious that without night there is no day and without black there would be no white. Yin is represented by black and yang is white.

In the ancient past, this yin yang concept began when the Chinese called the shady, northern slopes of a mountain yin and the sunny, southern slopes yang.

The Taoists used the yin yang concept to represent completion.

This symbol looks like two tadpoles in a circle, symbolizes the universe. One tadpole is black with a white dot in it and the other white with a black dot in it. The dots indicate that inside every yin there is a certain amount of yang and inside every yang is a degree of yin. Every thing in the universe consist of yin and yang energies that are constantly interacting with each other.

In our daily lives, practitioners of this yin yang concept would advocate the need of a balance between yin and yang.

If the neighborhood is entirely flat then it is said to be too yin. If too hilly, it is then too yang.

In the ancient past,the extremely hilly is considered to be too yang. Incidentally, pagodas were original devised to create yang energy. Even today, miniature pagodas are still used as decorative ornaments to symbolize yang energies.

Placement Of Toilet In Feng Shui Terms

November 14, 2007

Feng shui experts advocate the following advices on the placement of toilet:

  • The toilet should be as inconspicious as possible;
  • The bathroom and toilet should not open directly on to the door of a main room on the opposite side of the hallway;
  • The bathroom should not be sited at the end of a long hallway;
  • Bathroom and toilet doors should be kept closed;
  • Use a screen or half-wall to separate the toilet and bathroom if they are both in the same room;
  • Toilets should not be placed in the middle of the house. This spread negative chi throughout the house and
  • A toilet should not be sited close to the front door. If it is negative chi from the toilet will clash with the positive chi coming into the house.

Good Feng Shui Remedies

November 14, 2007

Feng shui experts advocate some of the following remedies to eliminate shar chi/bad chi:


  1. Do not hang a mirror opposite any door. This effectively stops the chi from entering the next room, and encourages negative chi to build up;
  2. Keep the mirrors clean. Dust and dirt reduce the effectiveness of mirrors;
  3. Should not have too many mirrors in the house. Use them sparingly in the bedroom or any other area that needs to be restful and soothing;
  4. Mirrors in the dining room symbolically double the amount of food on the table. They also double the feelings of well-being and enjoyment that you and your guests will experience in the room;
  5. A large, octagonal-shaped mirror represents all eight directions and is a powerful force of energy. Place it in the living room or in a hallway;
  6. A mirror at the top of a staircase or on the landing prevents the chi from flowing down the stairs too quickly. It also means that we will see a welcming face everytime we go up the stairs and
  7. Use Pa-Kua mirrors to send back shars from outside your property.

Wind Chimes, lamps, plant, water and animals:

  1. Wind chimes and other objects that create pleasant sounds make useful remedies. They are particularly useful for remedying background noises, such as air-conditional units or the refrigerator;
  2. Tables and floor lamps create comfortable pools of light that can illuminate dark areas and encourage more chi into any areas that need activating;
  3. Plants help the chi to circulate and can also be used to hide shars. They add colors and create harmonyand contentment;
  4. Water, particularly moving water attracts chi and money. Consider placing a small ornamental foundation or aquarium in our Wealth location and
  5. Live animals help the chi to circulate. They are also provide love and happiness which help create harmony and contentment.

Double Eight Symbol

March 29, 2007

This symbol signifies endless or continuous prosperity.
This symbol is closely associated with Chinese beliefs where the sound of 8 is “fatt” which means Prosperity and Abundance. Also, the figure 8 is also known as the symbol of Infinity. Therefore, putting these two together, we have the symbolic meaning of “Endless/forever Prosperity”.
The Chinese also believe that eight is sacred and powerful as it is associated with:
· The legendary eight immortals ;
· Eight triangles of the I-Ching or book of changes,
· Ancient Chinese System of Divination.
· Eighty- Eight also resembles the Chinese pictograph for “Double Happiness.”
Chinese feng-shui beliefs:
It activate abundance when place at your Sheng-Qi success direction and at the Wealth Area (South East) of the office or shop.
The figure 8 is also a Remedial Symbol to help balance occupants when negative symbols or a bad Feng Shui house affects them. The use of Two Eights just doubles the effectiveness of the cure.
When a house has Feng Shui design problems- a corner is missing or a wall creates an obstacle, it is suggested to use an 88-to create space and harmony, instead of using mirrors which only create the illusion of space.
The 88 symbol is also used universally to help create a flow of energy and unblock stagnant chi.

Double Happiness Symbol

March 29, 2007

This symbol signifies undying love. This symbol is widely recognized for marital happiness. The double happiness symbol is an easy and nice way to enhance relations with your spouse.

This symbol is depicted in a bright red color since red enhances love and romance in a person’s life.

In China, this symbol is carved on chairs and bedroom furniture. It can also be printed on fabrics for dresses.

Chinese Beliefs:

It can be placed under the mattress of the married couple. It can also be hung or displayed on the south west area of the bedroom.

Mystic Knot Symbol

March 29, 2007

For the Indians, the mystic knot is the favorite emblem of the Goddess Shri who are also known as Goddess Lakshmi, the Indian Goddess of Wealth), the consort of the God Vishnu. It adorns the breast of Vishnu, usually depicted as an eight-looped knot.

From the spiritual Buddhist ideology, as the Mystic Knot overlaps, it symbolizes the Buddhism ideology that existence is an endless cycle of birth and rebirth . It has neither the beginning and nor the end. It is said to swallow its own tail.

On a more earthly level, it is regarded as the perfect symbol of never ending love and unity amongst family member. This knot is supposed to bring happiness and attainment. The Mystic Knot is also known as the love knot and is therefore a lucky symbol. It represents a long life uninterrupted by heartbreaks, separations, sufferings or setbacks.

The mystic knot is also the infinity symbol shown thrice. The infinity symbol also corresponds to the symbol of 8.

Chinese feng-shui beliefs:

The mystic knot is red in color and it can be placed in the south west corner of your bedroom to enhances the relationship of the couple.

To improve the relationship between family members, the mystic knot should be displayed in the south west corner of the living room.

If placed in the south west of the office, it ensures harmony between the staff members and the boss. It symbolizes that the employees will be loyal and the employee will be more considerate.


March 28, 2007

A picture of an eagle in full flight is also an excellent symbol of success. In addition to representing the winged creature of the South, the eagle is also associated with strength, power and authority. Show an eagle flying or perched on a tree do not show eagle looking fierce and predatory. 

Pair Of Love Birds

March 28, 2007

Brings strength of devotion and romantic bliss! Love Birds form a strong attachment to their partners and are said to pine away and die when separated. Hence, they are also an emblem of conjugal fidelity.

Made of ceramics and crystal which should be displayed in the South corner either on a table or inside a cabinet . The effect is most auspicious. Not only will our reputation be enhanced over the years. but we are able to achieve recognition and attain great success in our chosen profession . If the love birds are the crimson phoenix, this would be even better.


Education tower

March 28, 2007

The education tower or the education tower is said to possess certain powers which helps to transform unruly minds into well-disciplined minds. It is good enhancer for those who wish to achieve academic success. It is supposed to convert negative energy into positive energy. Hence, it is a good item to be placed on the study desk of students.
The Chinese education tower has evolved form the Buddhist Stupa, which is considered as a sacred object.
We can place a pagoda in a child’s room to increase his/her concentration in studies and also to reduce his/her boisterous behaviours. The education tower is a said to have the power to keep away anything that could distract the mind. It is very useful for children with distractive minds and for those who luck proper concentration.

The best place to keep the education tower is the North East corner of the child’s bedroom. The education tower is consider to have yin energy and to be effective, it should be balanced by yang energy in the room, i.e. by having red color present in the room. The yang effect of the red color helps to awaken the chi of the education tower.